Flowz Messaging vs Slack

Flowz Messaging is a secure, high performance, open source Slack alternative that allows your teams to collaborate more efficiently, as well as communicate safely with other organisations or customers.

Included Out Of The Box


Communicate faster and better with real-time and searchable, topic-based messaging

Team Collaboration

Use public or private channels that assemble the right people and information

Share Knowledge

Accelerate onboarding by giving new employees access to past team discussions.

Center Your Attention

All Flowz Apps are included with every subscription, and yes, that includes Flowz CRM – Sales and Service Clouds.

License Free Messaging

Liberate your business! Don’t burn cashflow with pricey CRM alternatives.
Try Flowz Messaging today. Included with every Flowz subscription

More Cool Features

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Flowz Messaging Is Included With All Flowz Subscriptions